Welcome to Ragnarok Origin!

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Grand Launch Event

Welcome to Ragnarok Origin's grand launch event! We're very happy that you decided to take this journey with us.

■ Event Duration

June 1st, 2021 01:00AM ~ Aug 31, 2021 12:00PM*

*The duration of the event may change if necessary. For more information, follow us on (Facebook), (Twitter) or join our (Discord) community.

Download Options

Google Play App Store

If you face problems like crashes, disconnections, slow download speed, frame drops, bugs in general, or even if you can't install the app properly, please open a ticket on our (Discord Server).

■ Event Details

The launch of Ragnarok Origin is a very special event for our team. We are eager to see what builds and strategies you will use to defeat your foes in the battle of Ragnarok.
To find out everything that our team has specially prepared for you check out our (Launch Page).

■ Bug Report

If you find a bug in the game, please open a ticket on our Discord Server to a chance of winning cat fruits*
In order for our team to reproduce the bug, it is important that your report is detailed, describing the steps necessary to reproduce the problem and stating the model of your device. Screenshots are also appreciated.
*If your report help us identify the bug, you will be rewarded 100 cat fruits!

■ Minimum Specs
Operating System

iOS 13.0 or later/Android 6.0 or later (4GB RAM minimum)


7GB minimum

*Some models may not work even if the above conditions are met.

*Some data charges may apply.
*We recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to download and update the game.
*Depending on the speed of your connection, it may take some time to complete the download and update of the game.

■ Notes

*Unexpected malfunctions may occur during the launch phase.
*Specifications may be changed or game balance may be adjusted without prior notice.

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