What Is Ragnarok Origin

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Ragnarok Online Origin, better known as ROO is an intuitive, versatile, easy and completely free game!

It's the world of Ragnarok, in the palm of your hand. Its interface is composed of dynamic graphics and well-defined classes that contribute to the game's story, allowing the player to understand and carry out missions automatically, but don't be fooled, they are challenging missions where the automatic function will not be your best decision.

The world of Ragnarok Origin Mobile is full of dungeons and your enemies won't forgive you, so it's important to always be ready, that's right, you and your friends can adventure together and challenge even the most powerful bosses (MVP) to win and get various rewards, scrolls to create equipment, rare cards, lots of coins and even catnip, yes! You can earn catnip for free just by playing in events and hunting MVP. (Whispering: maybe you don't know, but catnip is the paid currency and our events provide that, but don't tell anyone ok?!).

In Ragnarok Origins you control a character that follows the profession tree, in this tree you start as a beginner and can choose the following classes. There are two ways. For example: let's say you are Swordsman and choose the path of Knight and then Lord, the class has its own mount and its indispensable spear as weaponry. But if you prefer a defense-oriented class, the branch will be Templar and then Paladin, the class also has its own mount and its indispensable shield. Currently there are 7 base classes, being them (Mage, Archer, Swordsman, Assassin, Merchant and Support).

This is just a short summary of what awaits you, you can play Ragnarok Origin Global on our private server, completely free of charge. (I think I already said that, didn't I?). You can also join our community on


Our Discord Ragnarok is formed by a very friendly and participative community, we also have a team willing to listen to feedback and interact with players, a very important differential that other servers may not have. We are available to answer your questions about how to play Ragnarok Origin on mobile or emulator, as well as the necessary requirements to play Ragnarok Mobile, frequently asked questions about whether the game is in Portuguese, English or Spanish, among other information you can obtain by logging in contact our moderators to help you, just request a ticket and we will be replying to your message.

Our team prioritizes and works to provide the best for our users. This team is managed by qualified and understandable professionals, seeking to balance the great distance between players in the competitive modality.

Ragnarok Origin World is worth playing, come enjoy a nostalgic and fun experience.

Some advantages when playing on our server!

1. Using code "ILOVERO" you receive the following:

• 5.000.000 Copper
• 500,000 Zeny
• 5,000 Catnips
• 180 Oridecon
• 180 Elunium and much, much more.

2. Established community.

3. Top up rates are 10x the KROO:

$100 - 38,000 catnips (Our server!)
$100 - 3,000 catnips (KROO and Official)

4. Developers who listen to their players and care about giving you the content to keep players interested.

5. Farm Oridecon and Elunium from mobs.

6. Future Custom Content.

7. Free Catnips from Daily Activities.

8. Free Canips in the growth system.

9. Support in English, Portuguese and Spanish.