Even in the same JOB, playstyle can vary dramatically based on status, skill and equipment.

  • Status


    You'll get status points when BASE lv. goes up. Each attribute gives you different status, so distribute them according to your goals.

  • Skills


    You'll get skill points when JOB lv. goes up. Skills can drastically vary your playstyle; choose the one that suits you best.

  • Enhancement


    You can increase your performance in a variety of ways like attaching cards or refining equipments. Fight for the top!

  • Verus Core

    Verus Core

    By installing gear in the core, you can acquire special skills and improve your abilities.


In addition to fighting mobs, players can also compete with each other. Enjoy 1vs1 and group battles!

  • Endless Tower

    Endless Tower

    It is a challenge where various monsters appear each level. The higher the floor, the better the reward. Are you ready?

  • Helheim


    It is a dungeon that traces the memory of Balmund. If you clear it 5 times a week, you can get the treasure of the Great Sage.

  • Yggdrasil Defense

    Yggdrasil Defense

    A tower defense that protects the roots of Yggdrasil from monster attacks. The mother tree needs your protection!

  • Arena


    It's a 3vs3 pvp battle. Each player has individual points and cannot be revived once the points reach 0. It's time to fight!


While solo playing, a "Mercenary" (NPC) will support you in the battle as a party member.

  • Organization


    You can choose up to 2 mercenaries from the six base JOBs to be added to your party.

  • Nurture


    Depending on the situation, you can customize the JOB, equipment and skills of your mercenaries. Choose your partners wisely.

  • Battle


    The skills of your mercenaries are automatically activated during combat. Also, you can freely select the skills you want them to use.


By joining a guild, you can participate in event dungeons where you can play together and unlock various functions and facilities.

  • Guild Match

    Guild Match

    It is a guild competition where the parties selected by the guild masters of each guild fight each other. Make them bite the dust!

  • Guild Hunting

    Guild Hunting

    Gates to three dungeons of different difficulty will appear in the guild hall. Work as a team to beat this challenge.

  • Guild Facility

    Guild Facility

    By raising the level of your guild and enhancing its facilities, you'll be able to use the guild warehouse and guild vending machines.

  • Spacetime Challenge

    Spacetime Challenge

    It is a quest that you can challenge as a party organized by guild members. Travel to different parts of the continent to face different challenges.


Occasionally, putting your weapons aside and exploring what the world has to offer may bring you good memories.

  • Wardrobe


    Choose your favorite hairstyle, lenses and outfit to create a character as unique as yourself.

  • Camera


    Take photos of yourself, other people or the environment to share with the ones that are special to you: your friends.

  • Daily Quests

    Daily Quests

    Take on quests that are updated daily. You can earn many rewards by completing them every day.

  • Medals


    You can increase the status of your characters and mercenaries by increasing the level of medals that you can obtained through questing.

  • Mounts


    Mounts can increase the player's stats by developing his/her ability level and personality.
    *The level and personality of the mount are the same.